Absolutmetal has been bringing real metal to the underground faithful since 1997 when it began as a print mag. In 1998 the quest to conquer the internet began as the 'zine stopped print production and was reborn online.

Absolut Metal strives to preserve some integrity in a sea of mediocre bandwagon bands and radio friendly nu-metal. We cover METAL here, bands who are actually out there because they care about the music, bands keeping real metal alive. This is a 'zine for fans, by fans.


Editor, Photographer, Interviews, Web Design, Stoner Rock/Doom/Metal reviews: Samantha Nickerson

Asst. Interviewer, News, Hardcore/Punk Reviews: Sean Coale (Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards)

Other Contibuters:

lux_interior13: Think Tank, Live Reviews
Advertising & Marketing/Promotions: Adrienne Stern

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