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This page was created to prevent the spread of further ignorance among metalheads. Time after time I see the misuse of the the term "Selling Out", more than half of the people using it have NO IDEA what it really means. And some of you guys are really over using the word "poser", so to prevent any more confusion, here it is..your offical guide to metal terms and slang...

"Poser" - A person who claims to like a certain band or style of music in order to fit in with a certain crowd; A person who claims to be a big, huge fan, but only owns one album and knows no history of that band (Examples: A "Metallica fan" who thinks the Black Album is their first release and doesn't know who Cliff is, A "Pantera fan" who is oblivious to the exsistance of Cowboys From Hell and any albums before it, An "Anthrax fan" who thinks John Bush is their original singer, A "Testament fan" who thinks that Low is a good album...haha); The worst insult you can say to a true metalhead.

"Punter" - English/European term for "fan"

"Selling Out" - When a band writes music they think people want to hear, instead of what THEY really want to write, instead of what they like, instead of what's in their hearts, because it's a safe way to guarantee album sales; When a band worries about what other people will think before they write music; When a band tries to sell a certain image because it's popular at the time; When a band changes for record companies and the public instead of for themselves; compromising musical intergity.