Acid King

III (Small Stone Records 2005)

album review

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This album fucking rules! Sorry, I'm not usually prone to sudden outburts in reviews, but when you have a stack of 12 shitty cds to comb through, looking for something decent enough to review and you land on something like this, it's something to be excited about. Acid King are doomy as hell, and they groove. If you like Electric Wizard and Sleep, you'll instantly fall victim to their slow, Sabbathy tunes. Lori S. leads this 3-piece with her errie, droning vocals and badass riffs...oh, so heavy. Some serious quality Bay Area doom right here. Of course, it's produced by Billy Anderson so it's got "that sound". Good stuff indeed, this will be sitting in my cd player for awhile.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

AbsolutMetal 2005