Interview - Alabama Thunderpussy

Sean Michael Coale interviews Erik Larson

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Sean Michael Coale: How was it, first off, finding a new singer. Then recording and writing songs with him?
Erik Larson: "Finding the new singer (Johnny Weils) sucked. We spent all summer reviewing demos from all over the place. To put it politely, most were not 'what we're looking for'. As for writing, basically musically, it was all done before he joined. Lyrically, Johnny has had total control, that's his place in the ban, and I have been working very closely w/him on the vocals in terms of backups and such. We start recording friday Feb. 6th, so I can't say right now how he'll hold up in the studio, but I have 100% complete faith in him and his abilities."
SMC: Who is the new singer?
EL: "Johnny Weils from Columbus, Ohio"
SMC: What different type of blends are being worked into the new record ? (more southern stoner rock?
EL: "Well, as always, we tend to reach back a little into what we have done, but always moving forward in what we write. Basically ATP has always been a band w/out limitations. If it sounds good to us, we go w/it. The listener will be a better judge as to how it differs from what we've done before. I will say that I think 'Fulton Hill' is going to turn the genre on it's ear in terms of what's acceptable. And fuck what's acceptable."
SMC: Where did the name Alabama Thunderpussy come from?
EL: "It's a quote from a 1970's B-porno movie."
SMC: What do you think of the sudden rise of stoner/southern rock?
EL: "Is there one? I don't really pay attention. We just do what we do, and hopefully that is a testament to our longevity over some bands."
SMC: What bands out of the genre have you wanted to bring on tour or perhaps do aproject with?
EL: "Lot's, but like most things, it doesn't always work out. I don't really want to mane names because some may feel slighted or left out, but there are a tremendous amount of great bands out there."
SMC: Any new side projects in the works?
EL: "Well, Axehandle should release an album this year on Small Stone Records. That's myself and Ryan in that band. The Mighty Nimbus is a band that I play guitar in that will have an album come out on Threeman Recordings this year, hopefully Bryan's other band Suzuki Ton, will finally get their album out, and I'm currently working on my 2nd solo album."
SMC: Top 5 records...(you have to have on tour or just in general)?
EL: "That's easy, the entire Entombed catolog."
SMC: last thought?
EL: "Thanx for the interview, we'll see y'all on tour. !Hasta la victoria siempre! eRIK"

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