Alabama Thunderpussy

7/9/04 Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge, MA

Live review

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Tonight is good. I’m on my way to one of my favorite places - The Middle East club with two of my favorite peoples - the (in)famous Jen and Chris.

We get to the venue in time for the last couple of songs of the band ‘We’re All Gonna Die’. I was feeling them and even though it was only a handful of songs, they impressed me. The singer/guitarist ends the set by flailing himself around the stage tossing his guitar around his neck in a dervish-esque hula routine. Thoroughly satisfied, he plods off the stage to the feedback gasps of the Les Paul.

Alabama Thunderpussy hit the stage next with yet another dude on lead throat. How many screamers has this band been through? I wonder if it’s due to ‘contractual obligations’?... The drummer is absolutely huge and covered in tattoos; an embodiment of the beats he throws down. Stuffing his NBA sized frame behind the drum kit on the tiny Upstairs stage was just pure will. The band chugged out a boatload of new songs including the standout "Wage Slave" from their new disc. ATP was tight without being mechanical with a definite nod to whiskey-fueled rock that complimented the stoned out riffs to a bruising effect. Again, the vocals were wicked low, but after seeing a few shows in the Upstairs ,I think I can say it’s the venue more than the bands. Maybe the club needs some more PA? Dunno, but ATP rocked the fucking house.

Next was Lamont. They are a local band that toured with Orange Goblin. I didn’t really like them when they opened for OG, and I didn’t stick around for them tonight, either. They play revved up rock ala Motorhead that lacks the "fuck it all" attitude of Lemmy and company.

All and all an excellent night. Props must go out to We’re All Gonna Die and Alabama Thunderpussy for totally tearing shit up. And a big thank you to huge pockets in jeans for getting the PBR pounders into the night air. Do go out to the Middle East, and next time either We’re All Gonna Die or ATP hit town, check ‘em out, they’re worth it.

Reviewed by: lux_interior13