Interview - As I Lay Dying

Sean Michael Coale interviews Tim Lambesis (vocals)

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SMC: I guess I should start off with your touring schedule. Since you dropped your record, you seem to have stayed out on the road.
Tim Lambesis: "In the past 6 months, we've been home about 3 weeks. It's pretty good."
SMC: Thinking of your labelmates, the Black Dahlia Murder, how have you guys as a young band been handling and getting along on the road?
TL: "We all get along. The problem is always missing people back home. For us we try to have goodtimes doing what were doing, but a couple of the guys changed out since the album has been released because of the altering lifestyle and how hard it is to stay in a relationship."
SMC: After this tour are you planning on going out somemore or taking a break before summer?
TL: "We're gonna do most of March off, then South By Southwest Fest. Then we're gonna kick off a tour there with Everytime I Die, the Black Dahlia Murder and Scarlet. Scarlet will have their new album out by then. It'll be a really good package. It's a tour we're all looking forward too. We're building up to do another 6 months on the road, and that's where we're hoping to push it off."
SMC: Have you guys started writing any new music, or are you still going off the last album?
TL: "Touring-wise we're playing songs off the last record. In March we're gonna record 2 new songs, and get 'em out 'cause we do have a couple of guys leave 'cause of relationships and what not. We wanna show people the new line up which were progressing, moving forward and in the past. You know I wrote most of the riffs, but people don't know that. They think you change a guitar player, you're changing your sound. We gotta reassure our fans, where we're going."
SMC: Are you gonna put out an EP or get them onto a compilation?
TL: "It's real tentative to say, we're thinking about doing one song for a Warped Tour comp., we might tour with that. The other song we might put up on the internet as a precursor to our new record, or if we find a good comp. Alot of other comps. don't know we have these coming out."
SMC: Being out on the road so long, have you guys thought about doing a DVD. And would Metal Blade be helping with anything like that?
TL: "There's been some ideas, we have a video out for '94 Hours' and we're gonna shoot one for 'Forever'. While we're taking time off in March, so I guess it's not even taking some time off. But if we have those 2 videos plus some live photoage and the 2 new songs we might do a limited edition re-release DVD record. With the 2 videos on there and 2 new songs."
SMC: What's the message behind As I Lay Dying?
TL: "Alot of people don't know what we're about, our lyrics deal with alot of life's issues but because we're all Christians we deal with life issues on a different level. When I'm writing lyrics, I think about my mistakes and the way God has forgiven me and helped me move on thru situations."
SMC: Is that something you try to put up front?
TL: "I just wanna write about what I've gone thru and I want everyone to be able to relate to that. I think everyone will be able to relate whether they're Christian or not. The message of the band is to do what we do with excellence, but we just put our hearts and everything into our music. And if people wanna know what we're about we're definently here to talk, we definently have alot of reasoning behind what we believe. We're not walking blindly. Alot of bands they'll get up on stage and preach "straight edge", they'll preach vegan or whatever it is. It really comes down to why do you believe that. They're all alot of hype and not alot of intelligence behind it. We wanna intellectually represent what we believe."
SMC: How has Metal Blade been pushing you?
TL: ""
TL: "We're a big priority over there. I think, we were worried cause you think Metal Blade. You think Metal Blade being a legendary old school label and we were a younger newer style of metal, so because of that we became a priority over there. They got ads out there and we're really happy with them."
SMC: How do you feel being lumped into the whole metalcore genre?
TL: "There's alot of bands out right now, who grew up listening to hardcore and progressed as musicians and got sick of the simplicity of it. And wanted to start playing metal, and if that's what metalcore is. Then that's alot of who we are. We grew up in the hardcore scene, we grew up in just a real down to Earth. Umm just down to Earth scene going to shows and knowing people in bands. I think that's what gives bands a hardcore feel and musically we didn't want to limit ourselves and we got intrigued with the complexity of metal and melody of it. If that's what people wanna call it, that's fine as long as they're listening to the music and enjoy it. And not because of a specific genre."
SMC: Are you gonna be voting and if so for whom?
TL: "I'll definitely be voting, but I think I don't wanna make any decisions till I've really looked into it. Being on the road you don't get to stay up on all the political news or watch tv or read the newspaper every morning."
SMC: Top 5 Albums
TL: "1 Dido ( any album for night time driving)
2 Thrice (both Artist in Ambulance and the Illusion of Safety)
3 Guns and Roses (any album)
4 the Darkness"
SMC: Any last thoughts?
TL: "When a band is out on the road it means twice as much to us when people come up to our shows, showing support in general. We're very, very grateful for everything. All our fans coming out to shows, anyone buying a T shirt, anything like, it's really helped us alot."