As I Lay Dying

1/17/04 Club Excess - Virginia Beach, Va

Live review

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So when I showed up to the club, I didn't really have any expectations for the show. As far as whether alot of people would be there or if it would an over saturated NuMetalcore fest of 5 bands sent out to play the same chords and scream about the same non - issued topics. But what I found upon my arrivial, was a lot has changed in the underground since I was growing up. People wanna know about what goes on and how to get involved. Plus the music is more complex then just 3 chord melodies, it's more about the crowd getting into it and taking part. Fusing metal structures with hardcore sing alongs and breakdowns to bring back the spirit of the days long forgotten by MTV and Radio programmers. Now, the scene I grew up in, it was more about just showing up and checking out a new band, but now you have organizations going on at shows from Free Music online Trading to PETA. It's kinda weird to see something that's supposed to be thought of as entertainment turning more into the relic of the 60's youth movement and almost makes me sad to think my generation weren't as involved or educated on the matters. Take this from an interview I did with As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis: "We Definently have alot of reasoning behind what we believe. We're not walking blindly. Alot of bands they'll get up and preach straight edge, they'll preach vegan, or whatever it is. It really comes down to why do you believe that. They're all alot of hype and not alot of intelligence behind it. We wanna intelligently define what we believe."
As I Lay Dying has been touring almost nonstop since the release of their 2003 debut, "Frail Words Collapse" with Metal Blade records. And they've started to gather a following of devoted fans. Getting not only the biggest response of the evening, but also the biggest pit and sing alongs. Standing above the crowd and getting to see a circle pit in full effect is definitely something of disbelief. Watching the crowd swell towards the stage jumping over each other to get a chance at the mic just to sing one line from the chorus is something thought to be held by acts that have years of touring under their belts, not bands still touring on their first record. But this crowd was here to see them, with a bit of the ultra-violence in full effect. The pit started breaking out three times into actual fights and having a couple of bottles thrown at the stage. This has been one of the best and roughest shows I've seen in a while and the other show was a DIY show in someone's basement. Now this club might not be a basement, but hey, for an all ages show this is pretty close. And much as the AILD's set started off, it ended with only 4 songs to their credit ("94 Hours", "Forever", "Falling Upon Deaf Ears", and "Distance in Darkness"), blazing thru the songs only to stop once to thank everyone for coming out and taking part of the night. And as Tim Lambesis said to me earlier "When a band's out on the road as much as we are, it means twice as much to us when people come out to our shows. Showing support in general. We're very, very grateful for everything. All of our fans coming out to shows, anyone buying a T shirt. It's really helped us alot." Hearing that alot from bands it gets old and you kinda think it's just something you hear from them, but with the guys in As I Lay Dying it actually seems genuine.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards