As Long As We're All Living, We're All Dying

Demo review

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Sam: Guitar, Vocals, Stud Muffin
Brian: Bass, Vocals, Breaking Things
Jonah: Drums, Vocals, Pretty Princess Hair

Recorded January 18th - 19th of 2003
Produced by John Lily and Louis from Hanging Baby Reocrds

Well, they say this is Crustcore (haha before we even get into the band lets look at this genre of music, ....I mean come on, crustcore?) from Boston. But okay, back to insulting the band. No, this is actually a quality demo, (too bad its not a full length demo), starting off with an over-long, but so heart felt sample. Angry but caring boys. What has become of the hardcore scene? With the actual first song clocking in at a huge 60 seconds, it's just a straight jam. I love the break down in that one. The next track tosses back and forth with speed picking and sludgey riffs 'till it comes to a "train running off the tracks" end, (to quote someone who said stuff at one point or another?). But hey, at least its not a Slayer riff. Track 4 is nice, starting off with a solo and then just giving up on it half way through to go into a nice little jam, which then breaks off into a slower version of itself. Nice touch guys, look at you writing songs. Okay death metal, with a little punk thrown in on this track. Oh Oh breakdown!!! Gotta Love the double bass, you can actually hear it, nice mix guys. Okay, I can't tell but the intro either reminds me of "Chop Suey" or "Digital Bath" I cant tell which but it's oh so pretty!!! Nice little breakdown on that too, almost jazz enough. Haha, Curl Up and Die eat your heart out. As a whole this band should be checked out.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfvckingbastard

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