Asbestos Death

Dejection/Unclean (Southern Lord 2007)

EP review

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The guys who formally exsisted as Asbestos Death, - Al Cisneros, Chris Hakius, (Sleep, Om) Matt Pike, (Sleep, High On Fire) Thomas Choi, (Itisl/Operator) and the folks at Southern Lord records have gone and made my life easier. I now have both Asbestos Death 7"s on cd, better yet, they've been mastered by Mell Dettmer. This is great if you don't have either of the rare/long out of print and almost impossible to find 7"s...or if you're like me and you've only found one of them. Who the fuck is Asbestos Death you might ask? Basically stoner/doom gods Sleep with one more member...before they were Sleep. There are 4 tunes on this EP, "Nail", Scrounge", "Anguish", and "The Suffering" which sounds an awful lot like the Sleep song off "Vol.1" because it basically is, re-worked and arranged, etc. It's raw, crazy, and cool to hear how the songs ended up progessing.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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