Interview pt. 1

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Sam: How were the festivals with Metallica?
Billy: "awesome, great time, we fuckin love Metallica, watched them play the whole show, opened up with Breadfan, went into Master Of Puppets, fuckin blew our minds...and we actually came up onstage and sang Creeping Death.
Sam: The DIE! DIE! part right?
Billy: yep
Sam: Yeah I heard about that...umm..about the new did the recording process go?
Billy: You had all these questions worked out beforehand right?
(Editor feels like an ass)
Sam: haha, nah, I was even...I didn't...I was gonna go to the show last night, but...
Billy: that's cool...the recording process was cool, it was the first time..I think we spent alot of time working on the record, we were more honest with ourselves this time, I think in the past, sometime you think you write a song, it's good..this time around if there was something lyrically or musically that we didn't dig, if somebody in the band was like "I don't get it" or we played it and it was good, but it just didn't make it..for lack of a better word, if it didn't make our dicks hard, we would throw it out...and we also had a chance to play the songs live.
Sam: Is there anyone in the band who has total veto power over the songs if they don't like a certain part?
Billy: "No"
Sam: You just all agree on it?
Billy: "It's not really a democracy, it's kinda like we all play in a band and the music comes from all of us, and if somebody doesn't dig something, then we pretty much honor that and respect it. We all have this like...then you'd see one member onstage that was like..couldn't get into it.
Sam: What are your touring plans after this?
Billy: After this we go out with ICP and Coal Chamber, the rest of the summer, July, Aug..
Sam: That's gonna be a weird bill
Billy: It's cool, I think it's diverse, we're playing in Lowell Aug 20th...and our webpage has all the fuckin dates, as we get 'um, as we book 'um..hopefully back to Sept again, we want stay on tour."
Sam: You guys have any songs left over that are gonna come out as european b-sides on singles?
Billy: "Yup, we did a bunch of covers, we did a Black Sabbath song..a John Lennon song"
Sam: Which Sabbath song?
Billy: "Hand Of Doom"
Sam: That's gonna be messed it gonna be on the other Sabbath compilation that's coming out?
Billy: I think so...
Sam: Surprise covers...
Billy: Yeah, I'm think of another one...we did Agnostic Front..Power, we did ...Negative Approch, Carnivore..John Lennon...Thin Lizzy
Sam: (a bit surprised) Thin Lizzy? did you do an obscure Thin Lizzy song or something like Jailbreak?
Billy: nah, we did Bad Reputation
Sam: Got any tour stories?
Billy: Tour stories? I've got tons of stories, but I can't tell you them, I'm writing a book
Sam: you're gonna write a book?
Billy: I've been writing a book yeah
Sam: like a Henry Rollins kinda thing about the band?
Billy: nah