Blind Dog

Interview - Tobias and Thomas


Blind Dog check in by e-mail from Sweden

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Sam: I never would've guessed you guys were from Sweden, who have your main influences been?
"It's hard to say what would be typically Swedish, at least for us who live here. Now, you're not mentioning where you do think it sounds we're coming from. Does it sound more Danish than Swedish? When we first started playing we didn't have any of our own songs so we came together playing old Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, and Black Sabbath songs. Eventually our style developed from that and after a while we discovered other bands that were going in a similar direction. This was around the time of the release of the "Burn One Up" album and we discovered that apparently we were part of a genre."
Sam: How did the band form?
Tobias and Joakim had been playing in a band for a couple of years. Actually the band had started with Tobias and another guy but that constellation had only lasted in one day and they had never rehearsed before Joakim joined them I've much dismay for Tobias who didn't like Joakim at the time. This was when they went to school and as they got older other members joined the band while others quit and the band sucked a bit less as time passed. At one point there was only Tobias and Joakim left and they were looking for a new drummer. They tried a couple and were amazed how bad drummers were in general, until they found Thomas. 'I don't want to play with you' said Thomas and ran back into the dark forest were they had found him. He was playing with another band at that time. (That band had a singer who recently won a Karaoke competition on a Finnish ferry, by the way.) But then suddenly they had a gig and they asked Thomas again: 'Okay I will play with you once, but only once. I have a feeling that my singer will become something great one day, he's very competitive.' And then he ran back in to the forest were he had found a pile of Kiss records and a members card to Kiss army. Joakim and Tobias went to the store and bought a trap so the next time they met Thomas they trapped him and forced him to play with them. And to this day he still does."
Sam: Do you feel the band has evolved at all from your first album?
The first album was something we did because we had to. No one was interested in giving us a record deal and we knew that those songs were too good to be thrown away so we had to record them ourselves.
This time the situation in one sense was more relaxed and we could see more clearly what we wanted to do. But in another way things were more stressed because this time we didn't have all the songs ready. So the songs on 'Rides Again' were written for the album which probably makes it more of a unity than the first album.
This time we had more thoughts about the sound than the last time. We wanted you to be able to hear that Blind Dog is a three piece band and this effected both the sound and the songs.
Sam: What gear did you guys use to record this album? it has a very 70's feel to it...
We've never been into vintage gear at all because we could never afford any fancy amps. Thomas worked his ass off to be able to buy new drums for this recording, and Joakim bought fewer video games to be able to buy a new amp. Thomas uses Premier artist birch and Joakim plays through a Randall. Tobias had borrowed a Marlboro amplifier but it was broken so he had to use a Mesa Boogie pre amp through an amp that were both in the studio.
Sam: Are there any plans to tour North America?
Unfortunately not. We might be doing some gigs in Europe early next year but for now we're just doing any gig we can get here in Sweden.
Sam: Are there any bands out there today that have had any impact on your music?
Yes. For instance Soundtrack of our lives. Sometimes you get influenced by hearing band that are quite boring and you realize what needs to be done to keep the music interesting. To be more dynamic for instance and be able not to go full throttle all the time.