Amerijuanican (Candlelight Records 2005)

Album review

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Hell. Yes. The new Bongzilla opens up with the title track, "Amerijuanican" (which just happens to feature one of their sickest riffs ever) and continues to groove and shake through the album in true beer and smoke fueled fashion. So sludgy, so doomy, so much groove, and with Dixie Dave holding down the low end, they seem tighter than ever. The drumming is unique and amazing as usual, the vocals not clearly understandable, the riffs badass. Nothing too new here, sounds like typical Bongzilla, but that's what I was expecting. "Stonesphere" is a nice long instrumental, complete with bongripping sound effects of course. Classic. A perfectly fitting cover of "Champagne & Reefer", done in true Bongzilla style, closes out the album. It's not "Gateway", but it's good.

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie

2005 AbsolutMetal