Demo review

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Well, let's see...hailing from the Orange County Area comes another Fashioncore band, (for those uneducated in that whole waste of music, there's Throwdown, 18Vs, and other trash such as that). Well, no this is more straight up metal, and the guys in the band look like "townies." But that's OK, cause some of riffs have promise, and with that being said, Brutal Truth have got to figure out what their strong points are and not rely on their influences. Slayer, (as in completely lifting the main riff to Seasons in the Abyss) Pantera, and on the 3rd track they have a nice slow dark Nirvana-esque riff going on, but I'm not crazy with what they do with it. It's just so predictable. The singer kinda reminds me of Aaron Lewis meets the guy from Mudvayne. It's a so so project, but hey, at least they put themselves in the right genre "Grunge-Metal".

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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