Fear Factory

Interview - Burton C. Bell


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Sam: Ok...ummm... what about the live album that's coming out in Australia?
Burton: "What about it?"
(Editor's note:WISEASS!)
Sam: When did you record it?
Burton: "Uhh..we were just down there in February, and uh, recorded over a couple of days in Melbourne I think..yeah, it's gonna be for Australian release only."
Sam: Oh great..haha
Burton: "It's basically our full set...and..we haven't mixed it yet though..we're not gonna mix it until the end of this tour."
Sam: Is it the same setlist that you're playing now or...
Burton: "A little different"
Sam: Did you play "Self Immolation"?
Burton: "I think that's on there"
Sam: You gonna change the setlist anytime soon and put that in?
Burton: (laughs) "Uh...that is a possibility, it is a possibility.."
Sam: Haven't heard it since like '96
Burton: "We were playing it for awhile..."
Sam: I don't remember if you played it on Ozzfest..
Burton: "We played it a couple of times on the Slayer tour... We were playing it on..uhh..the Ozzfest, yeah I remember that one, but ehh..we'll probably bring it back.."
Sam: Yeah, that song is awesome
Burton: "Throw out 'New Breed' and put in 'Self Immolation'."
Sam: Ok I wrote this question after you guys weren't gonna do Ozzfest...Raymond said you we're gonna do it...
Burton: "Yeah, we just found out 4 days ago..."
Sam: Yeah, I was wondering, how did that happen?
Burton: "Well..umm..."
Sam: They just call you up?
Burton: "Yeah, basically that's all it was..umm I donno why Judas Priest is not on it anymore, I don't know what the reasoning is behind... I donno if they pulled out, I donno if they got kicked off or what.. But they thought of us first, Sharon goes "Well, let's call Fear Factory" and uhh...that morning, they found out...they gave us a call and we said "hell yeah" So, it was a simple phonecall."
Sam: Cool...
Burton: "Yeah, it was really cool"
Sam: Umm..How did you guys get booked on those festivals with Metallica over in Europe?
Burton: "Well..we had....Metallica wanted...Metallica is interested in us already and.."
Sam: I know Kirk Hammett loves you guys
Burton: "Yeah, and I think..they know that we do well in Europe and uhh, we already got invited on a couple of the festivals but uhh...Metallica wanted to take us for a couple more, ya know..to take us around, I think they're testing the waters for us..."
Sam: I wish you guys would open for them over here...
Burton: "I wish we would too actually.."
Sam: That would be sick...
Burton: "They need to tour again over here, and if they did I would fuckin' be on that instantly."
Sam: Yeah, they're taking Sepultura down in Brazil
Burton: "Aww...that's a smart move..."
Sam: Yeah, I'd be down there in 2 seconds
Burton: "That is a fuckin' good move...yeah so ehh, hopefully...I hope it's like a test..See how we fair with the audience..."
Sam: In the huge arenas n'shit
Burton: "See how we get along with them and everything like that...that's my hope"
Sam: What do you think of their cover of "Loverman"? (Nick Cave cover on Garage Inc)
Burton: "You know, I haven't heard it.."
Sam: Oh my god...
Burton: "..Have not heard it..what do you think of it?"
Sam: It's alright, but they don't have the bells and piano parts that make it really evil..they should've added that in
Burton: "Oh really? I need to hear it..."
Sam: Yeah....I can bring that tomorrow...
Burton: "Alright bring it.."
Sam: If you wanna hear it..
Burton: "Yeah, I do wanna hear it..what record? Is it on Garage Days Revisited?"
Sam: Garage Inc
Burton: "Garage Inc, that's what it is..."
Sam: It's got Garage Days Revisited on the 2nd disk...
Burton: "Yeah bring it tomorow, I do wanna hear it"
Sam: Alright ehhh...That Kerrang! issue where you are actually on the cover with James (Hetfield, Metallica) ...was that a real photo shoot or...
Burton: "No...They spliced us together.."
Sam: Ahh...crap.. damnit
Burton: "yeah...they did a pretty good job too.."
Sam: Yeah, I was like "no way!"
Burton: "Pretty funny...Yeah, they finally did it after people kept saying it...I suggested it like 6 - 7 months ago..."
Sam: You guys look so much alike..
Burton: "I know..."
Sam: It's weird..you've got the same nose...