Relapse Records CMJ Music Fest

Oct. 15th, 2004 - Downtime - New York City, NY

live review

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So, we got there a lil' late after... well, we forgot that with it being Friday night there would be well Friday night traffic. Add rain on top of that, and what should have taken at tops 2, maybe 3 hours, turned into a 6 hours drive. Lots of fun to start off the night. When we arrived most of us were so ready to leave it wasn't even funny, sitting in a car for that long and just having stop and go traffic...majorly fucked. And as an added bonus we missed Zombi, a band most of us never heard of but wanted to check out, from hearing nothing but good things about them. Supposedly horror movie esp type stuff, but well, I wouldn't know as I haven't heard them yet. Which just added to the fun of the evening. But when we did walk in, we entered to Buried Inside hitting the stage of what turned out to be a rather small venue. Oh well, whatcha gonna do, just enjoy the music and over priced beverages. Well, with a name like Buried Inside we figured hardcore/metalcore sounds band. Wow we wrong, this was much more of a Isis/Neurosis sounding project. Would have been good, but well, where both of the bands named just before at least have a moment in their music or individual songs where you feel kinda of a climax moment, with Buried Inside you just kept feeling it build up but never reach that breaking point or release if you will. Kinda disappointing 'cause when they first started playing I wanted to actually be surprised and enjoy them, but they failed to bring me to that point.

Up next, on the other hand was Zeke, a band I knew well and enjoy their records. A lot of people say that Zeke is a live band and that's how you should enjoy their music, but I rather liked their last record. People being people were quite right, live is the venue to fully take in Zeke. The music alone is sped up to retarded speed not put forth on the records, along with banter from each member in between songs. They were great, and just a good time rock and roll outfit. Also giving Zeke 45 minutes to do a set is like giving Metallica 3 they can clearly fit something like 50 - 60 songs into their set, which was cool but man did it start to feel like the last 20minutes were blurring together. The best parts of the set were, well of course the songs I remembered, and then the splicing of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I swore that for a couple of seconds they broke not only into Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, and Steve Ray Vaughn, but Skynard for a couple of bars too. Again great set, and good time.

Then came Pig Destroyer hit the stage and man did they sound great, guitars, drums, and vocals all so crystal clear. And goddamn were they tight as fuck. We figured they would lay it on with a shit load of newer tracks, since this was their NYC record release party, but hey they layed it down like any band with 4 albums under their belt. Or simply they broke out a lot of the older stuff people knew while adding in about 4 or 5 newer tracks. But again PD's songs or only about a minute and thirty - two minutes. so it's not like the newer tracks took up the set. Best part of the night was the fact that Zeke made funny of the Dwarves and then PD comes out and ends the night playing one of their songs. Great night all around regardless of how tired we were when we all got there, in all honesty I've missed PD several times before and can't wait to check them out when they play a lil' closer to home.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfvckingbastard