Corrosion Of Conformity

America's Volume Dealer (Sanctuary, 2000)

Album review

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Finally! after over 2 years of waiting, a new C.O.C. album, new songs in a kickass stoner-metal style that only one band can deliver. I filled up my bong, got out my sacred C.O.C./Jagermeister lighter and prepared to have my head filled with truly cool shit. Hummmf.
Three songs into this album I told myself, ok..."maybe the first 3 are just a warm-up for the real heavy/sludge/pounding metal." *sigh* This C.O.C. album is different from the last 2, it's...lighter. The songs themselves are like nothing I've heard this band do, which is good in a sense, but it's taken a few listens to get used to. The album itself is catchy as hell, but gone are the almighty riffs, the heavy melodic intertwining between Pepper and Woody, and the slaming crunch. The last song "Gittin' It On" shows a bit of promise if you ignore the drum sound on the album, but still sounds a little too happy like the others. There's something wrong with the mix, the effects, and the overall sounds...Custer got killer sounds on the last 3 C.O.C. albums..what went wrong here?!?!?!
Pepper is singing, but who's that band behind him? I donno, it's grown on me, but the production still sounds a bit like watered down beer...

fav tracks:
"Sleeping Martyr"

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie