Cradle Of Filth

Montreal 8/6/99

live review

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On August the 666th 1999, the Medley was destroyed by a British hurricane known as Cradle Of Filth. Here are the details of this turbulent and orgasmic night :

Usurper was the first band to take the stage. They warmed up the audience for about a half an hour and closed their set with a cover of "Black Funeral" by Mercyful Fate. Not bad.

Next up were Rotting Christ. They delivered an excellent 40 minute performance. The only thing that went wrong was the singer's curious propensity to drop the microphone.

The last band to go on stage before Cradle was Necronomicon, a Montreal band who has an album coming out on August 30th called Pharaoh Of Gods. Their short set was very well received by the Montreal audience.

And that's when things started getting serious. Even though the 3 opening bands were liked, the audience had only one band in mind : Cradle. The fans were growling like hungry lions, ready to jump anytime. All of a sudden, a guy with red flashing horns sticks his head out of the drawn curtains. The wind starts to howl, the lights beam and the music rumbles like thunder. And here comes an energetic Dani, dressed in his famous leather costume with exposed titties, growling "Bonjour" and they began with "Ebony Dressed For SUNSEEEEEEET!!!" (gotta love the screeching!). The diabolical musicians ripped the atmosphere with gusto. He commands the troops : "I want to see some violence tonight!!" The crowd promptly obeys (I have a good bruise on my forehead to prove it)! So you want violence? Here it is!! Dani dominates the stage like a wild beast, but he's not the only one that rules : Stuart is an undeniable and magnetic presence. Very impressive.
The only big problem : the cops. There were too many of them, ready to pounce on any surfer that jumped onstage; a situation that pissed off the crowd (they sang "Fuck you" like a mantra) and Dani. He asked that the cops throw the kids back in the audience instead of "escorting" them outside. Later on in the evening, one of these "charming" officers slipped and fell into the waiting arms of the crowd!
Later, Dani told the crowd that at another concert, he invited people to come onstage and piss in Lecter's mouth. Lecter opens his mouth wide open and lets his tongue hang out. But tonight, he asks the ladies to take off their tops because he had heard that Montreal had "the best titties". The only one to take her top off (as far as I know) is yours truly...

The setlist :
Ebony Dressed For Sunset
The Forest Whispers My Name
The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
Dusk And Her Embrace
Malice Through The Looking Glass
From The Cradle To Enslave
Twisted Nails of Faith
Cruelty Bought Thee Orchids
the beginning of Hell Awaits (a medley? I can't remember.)
and others that escape my memory.

And that's how the Medley was completely destroyed by the best concert that Montreal has ever seen. Even with the cops.

Reviewed by: Black Malice
Edited by: Wolfie