Cannibal Corpse

Interview - Paul Mazurkiewicz

By: Brandon Marshall

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BM: Buffalo 1989. The departure of two bands was the beginning of Cannibal Corpse. Did you ever think you would take it this far and practically invent a whole new style of music?
PM: Nope never. We were just playing music that we enjoyed, who would of thought that it would evolve to this but its going great.
BM: When the band moved to Tampa was that mainly because that where the scene was?
PM: Well, we wanted to move to the studio, that's where we were doing our recording at Morris sound studio, so we wanted to be close to the studio.
BM: How did you land a spot in the movie Ace Ventura?
PM: Jim Carrey is a huge fan of death metal and he requested us to be in the movie.
BM: Why is it that your first three albums were not imported to Germany, and why can't you play any material live?
PM: Well, problems in Germany. A woman causes problems and gets our albums banned and it happens.
BM: How did Tori Amos land a spot on "Striped Raped and Strangled"?
PM: I have no fucking clue. That has nothing to do with us.
BM: So it's just another internet hoax.
PM: Yeah, it's some fucking kid.
BM: Any last words?
PM: Thanks coming out thanks for the support. Keep metal alive. Thats all it is.

From: Music Mania Magazine