Interview - Cannibal Corpse

Sean Michael Coale interviews Paul Mazurkiewicz...and we have a few minutes of it before the tape got eaten!

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Sean Michael Coale: For the uneducated can you sum up the Cannibal Corpse sound?
Paul Mazurkiewicz: "Well I think it's just sheer brutality, basically. I mean that is our attitude and that is our sound. We've always...We're always looking to be on the darker side of life with the lyrics of course, the artwork and the music. Dark brutality would be a good summation of what Cannibal Corpse is. And 'Brutal' is a good word, I like brutal."
SMC: Do you guys find it easier over the years evolving your sound?
PM: "I think it's a natural kinda progress of sorts, really. In the beginning we were young of course, just getting together as a band. Working with new musicians, that we've never worked with before. Myself, Bob Rusay and Chris Barnes were the original 3 that came from Tyrant Sin. Alex and Jack came from a band called Beyond Death, so we're meshing for the first time of course. And learning each others abilities, or playing. And we're growing as musicians. So I think it was a natural progression of course to evolve our sound and become better musicians and song writers. You know I think really once we hit kinda 'The Bleeding' in my eyes is when we actually began started kinda fine tune, to be our more modern sound we are today. You know it was always what we were aiming for, and we were able to do it with the line up we have now. With Pat and George in the band, and were more experienced at what we do. We're always about the song cause we're not the fastest band, we're not the most technical band. We just try hard........"

*Ya so the tape got eaten while I was trying to finish this up.*

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