Ruder Forms Survive (Rise Above/Candlelight Records 2006)

Album review

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I always love getting new albums from Rise Above Records, and this band is one of the reasons why. Capricorns are comprised of previous members of Orange Goblin, Iron Monkey, The Dukes Of Nothing, etc. so I know it's going to be doomy and heavy before I even open it, but I'm surprised by the changing moods, the layers, and the time and thought that must've gone into it all. It's atmospheric stoner/doom (ala Pelican) with a healthy dose of punk (a dash of Orange Goblin) thrown in here and there. There are vocals on one of the tunes, courtesy of Oxbow's Eugene Robinson, and it's a little strange...he kinda sounds like someone's grandmother on a few parts, but it's all good. The instrumental tracks are right up there with the finest in this genre.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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