Interview - Cathedral


The impending Cathedral compilation

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Sam: You guys have a compliation coming out on Earache?
Lee Dorian: "It's like a compilation I guess, all the most obvious tracks on one disk, and then, kind of a 2 disk set, the other disk is kind of unreleased songs and just rare stuff that was hanging around really. Just to make it more interesting than your basic 'best of' thing you know?"
Sam: Yeah
LD: "'cause Earache were planning on doing that anyway, so we kinda of thought...they approched us, asked us if we wanted to get involved, and we were thinking of doing it, it would be nice to have some kind of involvement with it to make it so we would be happy with it."
Sam: The set covers basically, Cathedral's entire career with Earache I'm guessing?
LD: "It goes up to Forest (Of Equilibrium) our first album, to our last album with them which was Endtyme, yeah, so about 6 albums worth of stuff. About 12 years in fact, as well, spans quite a long time actually."
Sam: So there's some hard to find stuff on there?
LD: "On disk 2 yeah, especially the older stuff on that has never been heard before really. Except for one track of it, and that was just available on some compilation album, I donno how many years ago. Everything else on there, I think there are like 12-13 songs, and only one of those has been heard before."
Sam: Any plans to tour behind it?
LD: "Not really at the moment, we're doing a few shows in the U.K. in the next few weeks, then we're going to play Wacken festival in Germany. Then, see, we're in the middle of working on our next full proper new album at the moment. This Earache compilation is coming right between the last album and the next one, it's like a stop-gap between albums, and our main purpose at the moment is to finish working on our new album."
Sam: How far along are you guys into the new album?
LD: "I think we're about 3/4 of the way, we just need to finalize a few things and touch a few things up. So hopefully we should be recording in September/October. So, that's going to be out on Nuclear Blast I believe February of next year. And we should do a proper world tour I guess when that comes out."