Cattle Decapitation/Goatwhore

8/14/04 Worcester Palladium, MA

Live review

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Going to an upstairs show at the Palladium is a whole different expierence than going down stairs. Upstairs is so tight and small, it's kinda like having a show in your mother's livingroom, but only with a quality PA and upstairs merch. Where downstairs is, well, I won't get into that, people still need to go to shows here. Ha. Well, this show had a great turn out, place was packed and I really did expect this kinda turn out. Last time when Burnt By the Sun and Soilent Green came thru it was only half empty, but this time with Ben's alter ego of Goatwhore and Cattle D (that's Cattle Decapitation if you don't know) people came out in full force. Cattle D have the best song titles in music right now, and that's about as close to a show as you get, hearing Travis call out the tidal. Otherwise Cattle D gets straight to the point and just continue to hammer you into the floor, with blasting heavy drum beats and tight precision guitar work. Travis's vox go from pig squeals to deep throaty vox. No folks don't try bring in the lyrics with you or hoping to singing along just hope you dont get kicked in the back of the head.

Up next to a roar of feedback and chants of metal comes Goatwhore. One of my personal favorites, and not to mention has one of the sickest vocals out there today. Ben Falgoust, this guy holds the audience in the palm of his hand. He is one of the only vocalists out there today looks directly at the people he's screaming at attempting to make eye contact. Sam and Patrick hold down the the thundering mess of Goatwhore's newset collection of Black Metal. Ben and Sam control the stage almost slamming into eachother several times while jumping into the crowd, how in the hell do they do that and keep playing....? Also at some point after Ben jumps into the crowd, the mic comes unplugged...a quick fix and back to the evilness that is being unleashed. I mean who could be more evil then a couple of guys from NoLa. Best part of the set comes from the security at the Palladium however. Two guys get up on the side of the stage and are being quiet but a security guard asks them to get off. This is when the two guys ignore him, bad idea you never ignore the staff. The guard pushes the guys off the side of the stage and then one of them steps back up, he gets laid out while his friend is frozen against the wall. Yup, just another METAL show in Woosta.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards