Live In Flint, Michigan (River Road Records 2004)

album review

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And so Clutch has released yet another live album upon us, a 2 disk set this time recorded at the Machine Shop last July, available only at shows or online at ...a gatefold none the less. Each disk features a set, (14-15 songs each) showcasing Clutch's large and varied catalog, from newer favorites like "Mob Goes Wild" to old standbys like "Rats", and "Big News" (I and II). The band even toss out a surprise here and there, as they open the 2nd set with a cover of John Coltraine's "Equinox". The 2 disk set has a pretty killer setlist, it's a nice long show, and it's great piece for a Clutch fan to own. But, as a live album in general, I don't feel this album touches their last live album, "Live At The Gooogolplex", the vibe on that one is just crazy.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie