Interview - Neil Fallon

Neil answers a few e-mail questions

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Sam: It seems like Blast Tyrant just came out, and already we've got a new Clutch album, between recording and all the touring you guys do, how do you handle the lifestyle?
Neil: "It ain't digging ditches. We handle the lifestyle by not embracing any part of it that isn't crucial to the music. Time at home is the best medicine. I like gardening and launching Estes model rockets at the neighborhood kids."
Sam: What inspired the title "Robot Hive/Exodus"?
Neil: "hmmm... the are some oblique and not so oblique references to robotics and religion in the record. I think that is what inspired it."
Sam: Where did the lyrical inspiration for "Pulaski Skyway" come from?
Neil: "The Pulaski Skyway is a bridge in New Jersey, Rt. 3, I believe. I took it everyday from the Newark Hilton into Hoboken while recording Blast Tyrant. It is an amazing drive over swampland, loading docks, and refineries. All the while Manhattan looms in the background. When it was completed the Pulaski Skyway was considered to be a marvel of engineering. I think it still is. 17 men died making that iron beast."
Sam: When did you guys decide to integrate a Hammond organ into your sound, and how did you find an original?
Neil: "There was a lot of keyboard work on Blast Tyrant and we wanted to get somebody out to at least do a supporting tour for the record. Bruce from The Hidden Hand referred us to Mick. He owns a Hammond B3. He has been with us since."
Sam: How was the European tour with Five Horse Johnson?
Neil: "A blast. Lot a laughs. Sharing a bus can be a nightmare, but this time around it was a joy. JP played drums for 5 Horse Johnson as well. We had a great time eating strange food and drinking warm beer. Oh, the shows were good, too."
Sam: Which bands are you looking forward to seeing on the Sounds Of The Underground Tour?
Neil: "High on Fire. I hear Tommorrow I DIe in Sunday's Flaming Coward Haircut is a good band too."
Sam: Was it hard to set up a service for your fans to buy tickets online and avoid crazy service fees charged by ticket monopolies?
Neil: "Not at all. In any business the supply and demand ends loathe the middle man equally"
Sam: Any plans after the tour?
Neil: "Headline tour of the U.S., work on the DVD, cut some wood for winter"