Robot Hive / Exodus (DRT Records 2005)

Album review

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Wow, a new studio Clutch album already? "Robot Hive/Exodus" goes in a completely different direction than the band's last masterpiece, "Blast Tyrant"...there's a very different vibe. I was into "Blast Tyrant" right away, but had to listen to "Robot Hive/Exodus" several times before it all sunk in. This here album is all about the Blues, the funk, and of course the best real rock and roll out there right now. There's a healthy dose of hammond organ on here, mixed in among 14 tracks of groove. A few tunes on here sound leftovers...but overall, it's Clutch, ya know, so it's badass. "Pulaski Skyway", "10001110101", and "Gullah" are further examples of why there's only one Clutch. Can't wait to hear those live.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2005 AbsolutMetal