Conifer (Notcommon Records 2004)

album review

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If you've never heard music before, Conifer would be the best introduction you could get. If you're always complaining about not being able to find that band that is just a lil ahead of the pack or want to change the musical landscape or how you think music should be done, you get that all here.
This is the freshest thing to come out since, well, Black Sabbath, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, or Led Zepplin. Taking around them the music that has inspired millions, but put technology and their craft to the best use I've seen in some time, and God help you if you get to see them perform live, it is the closest thing to a spiritual healing someone could get. This is your new Neurosis, these are the song writers of the songs we sing, they are the dreamers of the dreams.
Every few years, something special gets placed upon us, musically speaking of course and I am one to instantly jump on this bandwagon. No band, none has made me rethink everything about music the way, Conifer does.
With building soundscapes that seem to go on forever, while melody is swirling around the drums and bass are locked together to fuse the whole thing into a complete rhythm all the while pushing the boundaries further, until it breaks at the right moment to step back and see the new. This here ladies and gentlemen, is the new!

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Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards