Lifesblood For The Downtrodden (Candlelight Records Feb 8th, 2005)

album review

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Crowbar have finally come back with another fine album full of slow, evil, bluesy, chunky riffs, fast thrashy riffs, and melodic, depressing vocals. This time though, it's different. Kirk is "singing" more...or rather yelling in key more softly. And damn are there some Down-ish tunes on here, "Slave No More" for one. Of course it helps that Rex Brown was there tinkering with things, Pepper was sneaking around during the recording of it, Warren Riker produced it with Rex. "Fall Back to Zero" is mellow and drippy, (with the exception of the chorus) yet so powerful. "Coming Down" is just killer, so is "Moon". A big surprise on this one, the title track, "Lifesblood", wasn't expecting the piano.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

AbsolutMetal 2005