Esoteric Black Hair (Fake Chapter 2004)

Album review

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Turns out Tokyo's DMBQ (Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet) have been around for quite awhile, this was their 11th album in fact, but few of their albums have made it over here, and they're a bit underground. Hence this album was my introduction to the band, and even though it came out 2 years ago, it's fantastic and I'm reviewing it damnit. Picture groovy stoner space rock, a helping of Led Zeppelin, MC5, and a bit of Hendrix, with some Boris-esque heaviness. Some of the vocals are in Japanese...if not all, I can't really tell...not that it matters, they serve their purpose in the great swirling brew of distorted noise.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2006 AbsolutMetal