de Lirium's Order

Morbid Brains Demo review

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Nekrocancer - Lead Guitar
ErRasane - Drums
V. Parviainen - Guitar
Corpse-Nuclear Throat aka..Vocals

Recorded Feb 2003

Kiddies, this is what metal should be all about. HOLY FUCK! Trollheim's Grott fans will dig knowing that Corpse is pulling vocal duty on this project. (Chased by Trolls anyone?) How does one express this? I am going to keep this really simple. Granny sure isn't going to be getting any sleep when cranking these guys. The demo, Morbid Brains only touches upon what I can only imagine as a small portion of what this line up can be fully capable of. This is truly some blissfully heavy, earshattering, thought provoking, brutal, elite thrashing death metal. I am impressed all around. Bravo gentlemen of de Lirium's Order, You have given Metal a demo that's worth its weight in gold.

Reviewed by: Rev. Barfaroni

9 1/2 shots of Absolut outta 10