Interview - Philip Schaaf, Deadbird


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Sam: How did you hook up with Earache Records?
Philip Schaaf: "We basically hooked up with them through Code:breaker records. They put our record out in the UK, and then got exclusive liscensing through the US with Earache. It is pretty cool being a part of two great labels."
Sam: How did the Emmisions fest go?
PS: "Emissions was great. We got the chance to play the festival twice, which was extremely cool. It was the best festival I've ever been to. I hate that it had to end with such bullshit, with our van and gear missing, but I guess it just worked out to be the best and worst time this band has ever had."
Sam: Who would you name as your main influences?
PS: "Black Sabbath, whiskey, shitty jobs, Neurosis"
Sam: What is it like to be a metal band in trying to gain a fanbase in bible belt Arkansas?
PS: "Arkansas isn't that bad, although the town I grew up in was adamant that the kids would not have any fun, which made it pretty hard. We'd set up shows with out of town bands there, and the cops would shut them down, 3 songs into a four band show. Now, here in Fayetteville, the biggest problem is that all the live music venues are closing and so there aren't many places to play. It is frustrating at times, because there are a lot of bands around here and there is really no forum to have your music heard."
Sam: Do you have plans to record new material soon?
PS: "We have nearly finished writing the new record, and hope to record during the winter."
Sam: Any vinyl or split 7" in the works?
PS: "We have talked to a few bands about splits, but nothing has ever really developed yet. I'd love to press the vinyl of 'The Head and the Heart'. I love vinyl. I'm just really poor."
Sam: Any plans to tour?
PS: "We just did a three week run through the south and up the east coast. We booked it ourselvles, in haste so it wasn't the most thought out tour ever, but we had a lot of fun. Due to our schedules, we won't be able to tour again until spring or next summer, or both. We have a lot going on at the moment, and our main focus is the new record."