Diecast/All Out War

Interview - Colin from Diecast, and Mike from All Out War


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A few words with Diecast, and All Out War

Dan: Do you think the Diecast word is spreading pretty good?
Colin: "Yeah, I hope so, I mean, I think we're definately starting to get fans in places we didn't have 'um before. I think when our new album comes out hopefully you know, it's gonna get promoted to alot of bigger magazines and uh, we're hoping that if we tour and support it we can get alot of people to buy it.
Dan: Since you guys went onto Now or Never Records, I've seen ads for your cd in magazines in Canada, England, Germany, and Japan so I'm wondering if there's a possibility that you'll hit the shores of those countries?
Colin: "Well right now we're going to try and do a couple more U.S. tours, and right now it's looking like we'll probably get to europe in the fall. We were gonna do it in the summer but, we have a chance...I can't really say what it is but, we have a chance to get on a really big tour this summer and if that happens, we have to do that. The tour might be... uhh..alright I can't say exactly what it is, but I'll just say it's one of the summer festival tours." (Tattoo The Earth? Ozzfest?)
Dan: Speaking of big tours, what were you talking about onstage with Sepultura?
Colin: "What happened was Sepultura's manager heard our cd, "Day Of Reckoning", I guess their manager liked it alot so right now Rodarunner Records, the label that Sepultura is on, is doing a contest where Sepultura and their manger choose a bunch of bands out of a pool. So they put it on a website and if your band gets choosen, you get the most votes, you get to go out on tour with Sepultura in March."

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Dan: When is your new cd coming out?
Colin: "It's going to be out the first week of Feb. It was going to be Jan 30th originally but we had some problems with the artwork, took a little longer."

All Out War

Dan: What do you guys have planned for the rest of this year?
Mike: "Tourwise we have nothing, as soon as we get done with this we're going to record a new record March 1st. The release date for that is May 22nd and the record is called "Condemed To Suffer". So once we get that out, then we'll start talking about tours and all that."
Dan: I've been a fan of All Out War for a few years now, your lyrics seem to have alot of religious and apocyliptic themes, where do you get the inspiration for that?
Mike: "Basically all the lyrics deal with, and will always deal with man's inhumanity towards man. Alot of people, they don't open their eyes to things, they see their nice house and their 9-5 job and they don't look at the rest of the world, they don't see...you know, there's alot of fucked up shit. And it's really funny too because it's really cliche` for alot of hardcore kids, you know they grab ahold of something and claim to be all about that, but really be just as corrupt as everybody else. That's what "Hypocrites Of Revolution" is about, it's about all these kids, hardcore especially, I mean I don't want to go off on a tangent but it's such a joke. Like, half these kids are like 'oh we're so open minded, we're so into this, we're so into that' when in reality they're so open minded if you're exactly like them."

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