Doom Capital

Maryland/DC Heavy Rock Underground (Crucial Blast 2004)

Album review

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This little goodie just arrived from Crucial Blast, a comp featuring Maryland/DC's finest alcohol-fueled doom. "Doom Capital" features tracks from Clutch, Earthride, The Hidden Hand, Carrion, Internal Void, Nitroseed, King Valley, Life Beyond, Leviathan A.D., Unorthodox, Los Tres Pesados, War Injun, Black Mantra, and Countershaft, showing off the DC area scene, past and present. Every track is solid, no fillers here, just pure stoner goodness. The liner notes include a history of the infamous Maryland/DC doom scene, tracing it back 30 years. Definately a vital disk to pick up if you're into stoner rock/doom.

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie