Down III - Over The Under (Independent Label Group 2007)

Album review

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I've been downright giddy ever since this album showed up in my mailbox a few days ago, because I've been waiting for it almost as long as you have. The new Down album is a pleasant surprise to make an massive understatement. Like each album before it, it's quite different from the others. Down seem to be one of those amazing bands that can keep releasing albums that define a certain sound and period of time, and sound timeless. Each album sounds very different, and yet retains an unmistakeable sound. I'm probably rambling because I'm high.
It's still sinking in, but after 15-20 listens, some tracks defintely stand out. "N.O.D" should be the first single, based entirely on the fact that it struts with power, it screams "hey, we're Down, we're back writing incredible old school, bluesy, southern stoner metal that's better than any of the mainstream crap that's popular now, and still underappreciated". Guitars flow like open bottles of alcohol with messers Keenan and Windstein ripping away in tandem, and the vocals sting like a nasty barfight wound throughout. "On March The Saints" will come to be a classic Down tune, featuring the nastiest breakdown on the album...sick...can't wait to hear this one live. "Never Try" has some downright fancy blues pickin'. "His Magesty The Desert" is about as mellow as this album gets. "Pillamyd", well the title just says it all, galloping guitars and vocals that make you wonder if Phil was picking gravel out of his face. "Nothing In Return" is one of my favorites, the last track and longest on the album, it pays some serious homage to Led Zeppelin guitar-wise. It's melodic as hell. One thing people will notice here is that Phil has expanded his arsenal and is throwing a new twist here and there on the vocals, more singing going on, and it's badass.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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