Down II (Elektra 2002)

Album review

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Was the wait worth it? Lemme take a bong hit before I answer with a "fuck yeah"...Down's 2nd offering is, in short, amazing. These 5 crazy drunken bastards have produced an album that is different from the last, with a completely different vibe, yet it's oh so Down in every way. Southern rock seems to have taken over on this one, with "Where I'm Going" pulling you straight back to the old school. Close your eyes during "Doob Interlude" and you're in a van in the 60's passing a joint and listening to a shitty little car stereo complete with cheapo paper cone speakers. "Ghosts Along The Mississippi" has first single screaming from it, easily one of the best Down tunes ever. Of course I must mention "Stained Glass Cross" complete with Hammond B3 organ, and the beautifully depressing (get it?) "Learn From This Mistake". Then of course you have your heavy duty numbers like "New Orleans Is A Dying Whore" and the newest ode to "The Seed".
This album pretty much kills everything that's out there right now.

Album Rating:
Reviewed by: Wolfie