Interview - Rex and Kirk

Vinatge gear, and lots of beer, Down's 2nd album...finally!

Hopefully this is somewhat accurate, but I had trouble telling who is who on the tape!

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Sam: So you guys finally got around to recording a 2nd album eh?
Rex: "Hell yeah..."
Sam: What took so long?
Kirk: "Four different bands fuckin' tourin' relentlessly"
Rex: "Yeah, it's pretty tough to get everybody even together in the same city at the same time or anything. It just where everybody's schedule could just coincide, where we had the chance to do the thing."
Sam: Is the sound still the same? Is it still the southern rock direction or did it branch out into anything?
Kirk: "Basically it still takes all of the same elements from the begining, from the idea that we had with the band, you know, alot of 70's stuff, some southern rock stuff in there as well but it definately branched out. And this time, alot broader spectrum of stuff, from super heavy stuff to really dark mellow acoustic stuff. It pretty much runs the whole board, I think it's alot more diverse than the first record was."
Sam: Does Phil play guitar on this one at all, or does he just sing?
Rex: "Yeah he plays guitar on the very last track called "Wars", and it's killer".
Sam: You guys gonna do any shows for this album?
Kirk: "Fuck yes, we definately plan on touring on it."
Sam: There's going to be a whole tour?
Rex: "There's gonna be a whole tour and then some."
Kirk: "Yep, we're geared up and excited, I know I am."
Rex: "Fuuuck yeah"
Sam: So you guys have put your other bands on hold just to tour for this project?
Kirk: "Yeah"
Rex: Yeah, pretty much"
Kirk: "Absolutely"
Rex: "I mean everybody needed to take a break anyway so, the main focus right now is definately Down."
Sam: Will any of the shows be recorded for a cd or a video?
Kirk: "Hopefully, I'm pretty sure for a video."
Rex: "Yeah, right now we're at the end of...hell, we just finnished mastering this thing last week and doing press in NY so we're just at the very end of getting this thing done. It's taken us 3 years to get everybody together to fuckin' get in the same room and knock this thing out. We hammered 15 songs in 28 days ya know."
Kirk: "So it's ready to get this shit rollin'"
Sam: Were the songs all written together recently or had they been building up in little peices over the years?
Rex: "We had just had little jam tapes from here and there, you know, everybody basically lives down in New Orleans except for me and Pepper, Pepper is from New Orleans. We'd fly down back and forth here and there when they asked me to get in the band. And we'd kinda listen to all these tapes and fuckin' basically kinda put 'um together and arrange 'um and wrote 'um in the studio and just knocked them out right there. Not in the studio, excuse me, it was in a fuckin' barn."
Sam: In a barn?
Kirk: "Yeah, literally, in a barn. We rented all this fuckin' gear from Nashville, you know this old shit that you could make a Zeppelin record with, and got this fuckin' killer producer down and uh, actually he was producing it like a 6th member or some shit. And we drank alot of booze and put all this shit down on tape."
Sam: Who produced it?
Kirk: "Warren Riker, and Down."
Sam: Did you guys just soundproof the barn?
Kirk: "We tried like a motherfucker, first it was just kinda like a jam room, we said well hell let's just knock out a room over here and make it into a control room where we can hear all this shit and put the gear in, and just made it into a sonically fuckin' devastating place."
Rex: "It was pretty much way out in the middle of fuckin' no where."
Kirk: "In a swamp, take you a tank of gas just to get to and from this motherfucker."
Rex: "So we holed ourselves up in there for a whole month and stocked up on the booze."
Rex: "It's called fuckin' controled chaos"
Kirk: "24/7 we didn't stop around the clock, bassically, somebody was always doing something..."
Rex: "But we had that goal in mind, exactly what we wanted to do, at the same time we fuckin' ripped our goddamn skulls and livers out."
Sam: Did you guys mess around with any different sounds on the album?
Kirk: "A bunch of drum loops n'shit..."
Rex: "nah, just raw rock."
Kirk: "We just wanted to make an old classic, fuckin' know, the fuckin' whole scene these days is nothin' but, hey let's play this one song! that's killer, let's go buy the record for one fucking song. We wanted to make a fuckin' goddamn hard rock record you know?"
Rex: "This thing is defninately like a throwback type thing in the sense that to get the full feel, what the whole thing is about, you can't just pop on track #10 or whatever, you've got to listen to the whole thing front to back. To get what the record is about, it's alot of different styles, it's all Down definately, but it's alot of different styles involved."