9/22/99 Lupo's Providence, R.I.

Live Review

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Live pics from this show

I'd just seen Downset the night before in Worcester, upstairs at the Palladium, where it was so nuts that they had to stop the show because a stack of speakers fell over on the side of the stage! Now here I was at a Downset show again, but this time I had to try to take pictures without someone, or something landing on me!
Although I can't remember the setlist, (and couldn't swipe one because there weren't any!) I know they went though some old stuff and played one or 2 new songs, it was all good. This band works well with 2 guitar players slapping cool riffs into your face. Drummer Chris Hamilton looks slightly possesed while bashing away under the basslines. Downset's lyrics are real and deal with things people probably don't know about, but should be interested to learn if they give a shit about what's really going on in this country.
The crowd was nuts and half of them were on the tiny stage when River (from Tree) actually put down a beer (haha) and decided to get up there and do a song with the band. River got knocked on his ass shortly after the song started and just kinda held onto the mic for dear life. This wasn't quite as crazy as guitarist Rogelio Lozano throwing his Gibson SG into the crowd after the last song...and not going after it to get it back.