The Dukes Of Nothing

War & Wine (Tortuga 2003)

Album review

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Man, oh man, do these guys kick ass...This short, (none of the songs are even 5 minutes long) but sweet little nugget of stoner metal is sure to go down as a must-have album for those into the smoke and doom. The Dukes Of Nothing sound like Motorhead coliding with Black Sabbath, Black Flag and Cream in a massive drunk, punk wreck. The songs are mostly fast and run you down like a deer caught in headlights...then before you know it, they're gone. What more would you expect from a band formed by members of Orange Goblin and Iron Monkey? "Miss Fortune" reminds one of the last few Entombed albums, while the last track "White Damage" just spans a spectrum of 60's and 70's rock. The entire album is solid, check it out.

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie