Dying Fetus

Interviewz - Vinnie


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A few words with Dying Fetus

Dan: So far the press I've been reading about you guys has been all positive, you guys are pretty much the band that opens up for a band and blows them off the stage...
:Vinnie "Yeah, when I first first took the role of being the lead vocalist there was a few negative comments, some people didn't feel that I could pull it off, but 3 shows into the tour I've heard nothing but positive reviews. The guys at Relapse came down and they were very happy, that's our record label and if they're happy then I'm happy and everyone else is happy."
Dan: Relapse has been really pushing you guys since you got on the label. It seems like you're a definate seller, you're building a fanbase really fast...
:Vinnie "Well, Dying Fetus has been working hard on their own since '91, they didn't start doing alot of road shows until '94, but you know, it's been nickle and dime from there. So everything we've done in the last 6 years is really starting to pay off now. We've been there where we had no food to eat, you know?"
Dan: You guys have paid your dues.
:Vinnie "Yeah, we've paid our dues..."
Dan: Where you guys from again?
:Vinnie "We're mainly from the Washington D.C./Baltimore metro area."
Dan: You guys going to be coming back to grace us again at the Mass Metal Fest soon?
:Vinnie "We're hoping to do anything..."
Dan: I heard that you guys were going to be at the metalfest in April...
:Vinnie "There's talk about it, but I can't confirm anything..."
(Editor's note: They're on it!)
Dan: What are your plans for the next year?
:Vinnie "We're going to finnish this tour up, then go write...probably 5 songs, go in the studio, record them as a demo and work with it from there. We want to tour as much as we can in the summertime.