Hibernaculum (Southern Lord Records 2007)

Album review

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Are you a stoner rock/metal fan looking for something slow and mellow to listen to besides Pink Floyd while you're completely fried and just concentrating on moving your eyelids for the next hour or so? Then look no further than Earth. Dylan Carlson's super project have proven the unique ability to write a droning 8 or 16 minute long epic involving only 2 or 3 repeating riffs that blend and swirl, somehow letting you forget that the song is 8+ minutes long. This package consists of 3 old Earth tunes, (redone of course) and a track that was previously only available on a split 12" with Sunn O)))...and a DVD featuring an Earth documentary with Dylon Carlson interview footage spliced with live footage. Sweet.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2007 AbsolutMetal