Interview - Jorgen and Pete


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The Interview

After the showw at Pearl St., North Hampton, MA...

The Interviewers:

Sam - Had to type this shit out and try to tell who's who

Jason - Knew who was who on the interview tape!
Kenny...uhhh, do you guys like Life Of Agony?

The Victims:

Jorgen Sandstrom - Bassist for Entombed

Pete - Drummer for Entombed

Sam: Go ahead...
Ken: You guys smoke weed?
Jorgen: He does (Points at Pete)
Ken: Wanna smoke a joint?
Jorgen: "I got a joint, somebody gave it to me today"
Jason: Right on
Ken: Cool
Sam: Killer
Jorgen: I don't smoke anyways, so...
Ken: Where did you get you tattoo done?
Pete: "Got it from a friend of mine actually, it was almost for free."
(Ken and Sam proceed to show off their tattoos)
Ken: You guy's must've been on Machine Head's bus alot
Sam: How was the Machine Head tour?
Entombed: "Oh, it was great...they always stole our video games, so we had to go to their bus all the time" (lauhter)
Sam: What do you guys tune to?
Entombed: "C...C Flat...is that on now? (points to the tape recorder)
Sam: Yeah
Entombed: "We are Entombed! Fuck you!" (laughter)
Ken: Are you guys coming back soon?
Entombed: "I don't know, we are going to go home and try to go do some new songs."
Jason: So, how did you land the job as the new drummer?
Pete: How did I land the job, what do you think yourself? You saw me...
Jason: No, I mean...
Pete: "Oh, how did they ask me? I've known them for 10 years, me and * used to work at McDonalds back in '89, '90...Me and Uffe had another band called Murder Squad. We've been playing for 3 years now, we played together, we work really well together. That's why they asked me to do it. It's good fun. I had to quit my former band. Face Down, so...Shit happens."
(2 conversations at once...)
Sam: Wish you guys would come over here with Machine Head.
Pete: "Machine Head's tour was good...we'd rather this kind of tour...it's more personal playing smaller places, instead of in big arenas. Can't even see the crowd way back behind the drumkit, it's far away..."
Jason: How has the response been so far for the American tour?
Pete: "Better than we though it would be, actually, we haven't been here for 4 years, we didn't expect that much, people probably forgot about us."
Jorgen: "Sort of like starting all over again, but alot of people come out, alot of old fans come to shows, alot of old friends come out."
Sam: I couldn't even find your new cd in record stores until about 2 or 3 months ago
Pete: "Yeah, it was released in March in Europe, we had problems releasing it over here."
Sam: All the singles and good stuff usually get released in Europe
Pete: We only released one single for the album actually, it's 'Wreakage'."
Sam: I don't know how I'm gonna find that...
Pete: "It's cool, it's gor 'Wreakage' on it, and 4 covers... 4 cover songs, one is a Twisted sister song on it."
Sam: Twisted Sister? (laughter)
Pete: "Great band..."
Jorgen: "Bob Dylan?"
Pete: "No, not that one...there are alot of covers on it, but we cant's remember which one."
(Alot of talking in Swedish)
Sam: You guys ever play Donington?
Pete: "No...we played Dynamo last year, which was very good, about 30,000 people I think."
Jason: What bands would you like to tour with in the future?
Pete: "Slayer...Slayer is, you know, everybody's favorite band between all of us. Autopsy would be the ultimate, but they don't tour. There's a bunch of bands, but they aren't going anywhere...most of the bands we tour with are not similar to our music. If we go on a European tour...we did 2 headlining tours this year...first tour we did was Mary Beats Jane, they are different from us...2nd tour we did was with Reah and Neurosis. We co-headlined with Neurosis. I think it's good when it's different, instead of 3 similar bands. I would rather have us with the crowd, I can't figure out...I mean I don't mind motion, but that shadow boxing stuff looks really violent, and like 50 people onstage just standing. If you go up and dive out again, whatever and just stand there..."
Jorgen: "That's the hardcore scene, we're not used to that"
Ken:Had you heard of all the bands that open for you?
Pete: "Hatebreed and Bloodlet are going with us for the whole tour"
Ken: Where else are you playing?
Pete: "We go to Albany tomorrow, then we head up to Canada for I think 4 shows. Then we head down to Chicago and Detroit. We just came from Australia before this, we did 5 gigs in Australia and flew straight here. After this we go straight to Japan"
Jason: What kind of bands are you into these days?
Pete: "It's so different between everyone"
Jorgen: "Check out our cd books, mine's in the middle, that's mine, check out Peter's one..."
Pete: "And this is mine...you know, you can tell it's totally different."
(We proceed to raid Entombed's cd collection)
Pete: "It's so different between everyone in the band..."
Jason: How many bands were you in before Entombed?
Pete: "He was in Grave..."
Jorgen: "I played in Grave, that's the only band I've been playing in besides some side projects."