Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord (Threeman Records/Music For Nation 2002)

Album review

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Entombed has been playing for a real long time now, their debut came out as early as '90. This is a compilation- cd with only covers. They have put this album together for the hardcore fans and the collectors of Entombed stuff. A lot of the material on the album has already been released on CD and on different tribute albums, the material has mostly been released in the U.S and only some stuff has been released in Europe. All of the covers the band have done so far are on this album, and they do covers of some really various artists and bands like Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Mot�rhead, Lee Hazelwood, Kiss, MC5, and S.O.D amongst others. Some of the covers feel a bit odd to me, but I guess those are the artists the guys in the band like.
There are 28 tracks on this double cd, and as an extra bonus all of the members, even the original drummer and founder Nicke Andersson, have written some comments and liner notes to each song, (some are really funny too). Even all the info about where and when each song was recorded, by whom, the line-up is included.
I have not heard every original song on the album but it sure sounds Entombed, the early covers sound like hard, heavy death metal that the band use to play. The later covers sound more like Entombed does today, more death�n�roll, it also sounds like they are the band's own songs and not covers.
This is an absolutely necessary album for all the Entombed collectors out there. It�s also fun to hear what the members like to listen to. It�s a really strong album!

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Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall