Interview - A Hanttu (Drums)

By: Anders Sandvall

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What do you think of this record of yours "TIME OF DESPAIR" compared to your former records?
A: Time of despair is pretty many-sided album than the previous ones. There are some quite heavy and quite rocking songs and also some very easy songs.Vocal parts are much stronger than ever and totally the new element in our music are these electric elements (electric beats, sounds and stuff like that). The production is higher than ever on our latest album. We made a lot of different arrangements from these songs on our rehearsal room and after that we went to studio to make some demo versions from our songs. And still after that our producer Anssi Kippo made a very good work with our songs and gave his own special notes to our songs.

Do you have any favorite on this record? Which song do you like most to play live on this cd?
A: In my opinion "The Pit" is a very good live song and it�s very nice to play it on live. And I think that it�s a very good song in every way. Other favourites from this album are "Until The End", "Stream Of Life", "Nothing Left To Say", "Time Of Despair"..

How is the response from your fans and the press on your opus?
A:Very good! And especially the feedback from press has been very good! "Time Of Despair" has got a very much better feedback from the press than the previous ones.

For how long did you work with this record ?
A: Ugh.. altogether it was a veeeery long time but if we talk about the time in the studio, it took 45 very long days to make it.

You have a new lead-vocalist on the two last records. What is your opinion of your new member compared to the first vocalist?
A: Mika�s voice suites to our music very much better that our former singer�s voice, I think. And Mika is also a very cool looking vocalist also on the stage.

When you compose your music, who are your influences?
A: Ugh, we have so many different kinds of influences on our music that I think it�s very hard to say some names or some exact genres..

I think that you have lots of influences from the band Paradise Lost. Is that your intention? Is it one of your favorite-bands ?
A: Yeah,I think that too. But I don�t think that it�s that kind intention. We just like that band very, very much and of course that way we probably get some influences from them.

Earlier this year you were support act to the Norwegian band Theatre Of Tragedy in Europe. Did you like it and have a good time?
A: Oh, yeah!! That tour was totally fantastic!! We all liked it very, very much! The bands and the dudes from these bands we toured with, were very cool and a whole tour crew was great!! 18 gigs in 7 different countries. Cool gigs in cool places than in Vienna, Paris, Hamburg, Pratteln, Stockholm, Oslo..

How did the public in Europe receive your music ?
A: Very well! Especially in Vienna, Pratteln, and Paris the audience was awesome.

Why didn't the tour reach Finland ?
A: I don�t know. Maybe Theatre Of Tragedy isn�t so big name here in Finland or something.. And because ToT was headliner, then the tour went with their provision.

The audience in Sweden how did they react to your music ?
A: Very well! First we were a little bit nervous when we came to Sweden, because we hadn�t any ideas about the album selling and success in Sweden. But let�s talk about the first gig in Sweden and in Malm� for example. First,in the beginning of our set,the audience was a little bit careful and they just watched the band from the background but in the end of our set they came closer and just to the front of the stage and had fun. And that felt very good!

You have made a tour in Finland during the summer. Did the audience receive you well?
A: On summer we made just some festival gigs here in Finland. Not that kind of real tour. But yeah, the audience received us well! Especially in Nummirock festival in Kauhajoki. There was a very good audience!

Are you going to have your own tour on this record as headliners ?
A: In Finland we mostly make gigs as a headliner. But these gigs aren�t so big and the venues aren�t that big as in Europe we usually had with Theatre Of Tragedy. There will not be that kind of real tour in Finland at all because in Finland there is no sense to play on monday or tuesday or on days like these. In Finland we mostly play shows on friday and saturday and that�s it. Sometimes there can be also wednesday and thursday but not any more. Because you have to be a very big band here in Finland that you can make a tour when you have a gig on every day.

How is the climate for heavymetal in Finland ?
A: Very good! We have very many cool bands in here and more to come all the time. Nowadays there is always some metal band on the Finish official album or single chart. And that�s a very nice to notice. Metal has grown up very much during the last 5 years here in Finland and it still grows up more all the time.

What do you say about the Swedish metal scene and do you have any favorites among the Swedish metalbands ?
A: Oh, the Swedish metal scene is one of my favourite scenes!! Very much so many cool bands like In Flames, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, Pain.. There is a own sound in the Swedish metal scene and you really can hear it. And that�s not bad at all! I like very much that Swedish metal scene�s sound, touch and everything!

When comes the follow-up record to "TIME OF DESPAIR" ?
A: There are already some plans that we�ll go the studio somewhere on autumn 2003. At this time we want to take that whole process very easy and with not that kind of awful hurry, that we had with ToD album�s time tables and everything. So the next album will be released somewhere before the winter 2003 or something..

Why have you chosen the producer Anssi Kippo and Astia-studio A on all three records ?
A: When we went to make our first album we just chose that studio and this producer just because we had heard so many good words about the studio and the producer. And when we were recording our first album in there we liked that atmosphere so much that we decided to make our 2nd and after that our 3rd album in there too.

Have you, in your opinion, developed your music and style, through the years?
A: Yeah. Very much. And it will develop all the time. From the beginning to nowadays we have found some kind of style. In my opinion, on the first album I can hear that, ok there is a band who doesn�t know so well what they are doing. On the Gone album we sound like, hey, now we come with our music and sound, watch out! And on the latest one there is a more own sound than on 1st or 2nd album together.

Can you describe your music?
A: Melodic/gothic metal/rock.

What is your future vision for Entwine ?
A: Now we try to make as many gigs as it possible and after that (and also during this) we�ll start to write a new material. To the studio next autumn and after that, tour, tour, tour..

What do you think about the gothic/metal/hardrock during the twenty first Century? Do you se any future for it?
A: Yeah, why not? Ok,there comes more and more different influences all the time but still there will stay that spirit of gothic/metal/hard rock because these elements are so strong that you can�t forget them.

Do you want to say anything to your fans out there? The word is yours.
A: Visit on our website www.entwine.org And if you haven�t heard us before, you can download some mp3 samples to check out. And if you liked them you can go straight to merchandise section and order our cd. On merchandise section there are also available shirts and stuff like that. And there is a lot of everything, so check it out! Rock on!!