Eve's Downfall

demo review

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The Rev's gonna imagine that there is something large, evil and it's floating around out there in the septic bowels of Los Angeles. It's name? Eve's Downfall, leading off their demo with a huge 'Sewer Rat'. And whilst this is Eve's Downfall's 1st recorded demo, it might be scampering through speakers near you with it's promise stomp and heavy handed musicianship. Myssi Sauder, (Guitar/Vocals) pulls off a most supreme job, a fine nod for all females who are purists for death metal vocals. ED's very stoney high and heavy salute to Sabbath & C.O.C is clear. Additional smattering of darkness floats in and out supplicating any doom metal fan that ventures across this band. ED's drummer and bassist blend it all together like Ted Nugent drinking a Blitzkrieg. (1 oz Rumple Minze� peppermint liqueur, 1 oz Jagermeister� herbal liqueur, 1 oz Goldschlager� cinnamon schnapps. Separate shot glasses, drink in that order very quickly, enjoy!) And much like that drink, Eve's Downfall gives you a sound that is quite surprising. This bunch of musicians might have just found their golden apple in the garden of hell, counter playing well with each other. When I say that I'm digging 'Broken Arm''s lead in, it's a song that throws in such a dirty simplicity, it makes me cringe slightly. Hearing such gut-wrenching vocal work and finally a drummer in L.A. who can drum, this bands' got some stoney crunchiness makes me yearn for a bowl of Hemp Cereal and a joint. In such a world full of pop princess self pity emo-shit that the labels keep pumping out to the sheep masses, any band worth their weight in a stack of Marshall's will continue to march forth in the quest for a heavier, perhaps purer, more vigilante form. With Eve�s Downfall, I bide my time in anticipation for cleaner production and new material.

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Rev. Barfaroni

AbsolutMetal �2005