Why don't you have bands like Limp Bizkit and Creed on your site?
Because I have taste

I get this itching sensation in my crotch when I load one of your pages..
That's probably a personal problem, but try re-loading the page just in case..

I want to rip some live pics from your site, is this ok?
Probably, if you ask first (*COUredGH*), then I won't have to kick your ass...

How do you get to interview all of these bands?
By blowing roadies...j/k

This is supposed to be a metal site, why do you have NIN, Rage, and the Chili Peppers on here?
Because I think they kick ass, even though they aren't "metal"...got a problem wit dat?

"Do you like it when one side of your underwear slides into your buttcrack, leaving one cheek exposed to the roughness of your jeans? I like that. Makes me feel special"