Fear Factory

Digital Connectivity (Roadrunner, 2002)

DVD review

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Ahh, finally a Fear Factory DVD, I've waited so long, but is it everything I'd ever hoped and dreamed for? Not exactly, but it's not too shabby either. It does boast an impressive amount of footage from long, long ago to quite recently that even I've never seen before (by the way, where can I get a copy of that entire Dynamo festival eh? Roseland Ballroom would be sweet too...). And it is nice to finally have all the band's promo videos in one easily accessible disk. The mix of different video footage on certain songs is cool, but the editing could've been done a bit better in some spots (humm...I see Burton singing, but I don't hear him...). Seeing the entire video footage from the same song would be nice as opposed to switching around to different shows during the song also. And what's with the album version of "Dog Day Sunrise" doing there as the sound to the bootleg video footage eh? Overall, the bootleg footage and sound are great though, gotta love technology.
The interview footage going over the history of the band is cool, but a little more in depth studio stuff would've been sweet. Then there's the candid band footage, mixed with the obligitory shots of naked women, *sigh*. I wish there was more of the band's own home video on the DVD, as it brings out personality but I guess you can only fit so much on one DVD! Although this footage is in short supply, there are some gems. Raymond verbally abusing a British bus driver has to be a highlight of the DVD...his efforts bring out such thought provoking responses like "Why don't you fuck off back to Mexico or whatever fuckin' 3rd world country you come from Raymond"...an instant classic. And someday I'm going to count how many times he is shown eating...
The DVD also features several bonus audio tracks of rare remixes and video game tracks, as well as a photo gallery which is a bit small (*cough, cough*).

Reviewed by: Wolfie

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