Fear Factory - Lamb Of God

10/15/04 Paladium - Worcester, MA

live review

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I donno how I got talked into going in for the first band, but there I was, watching, for some reason, as Children Of Bodom took to the stage and their special brand of uber-gay black metal permeated the paladium. Although this band does spare us the makeup, high vocals, and faux leather pants, the sheer cheesiness of their music more than makes up for it. some of the guitarwork was interesting, but the keyboards just made me laugh.

Next were Fear Factory who plowed thru what seemed like a slightly shorter set than their last appearance in MA (Boston), offering a few favorites from each album (no "Arise Above Opression" or Nirvana cover this time). The band were quite tight as usual with the exception of the vocals being a little off here and there. Heads banged and pits swirled as the crowd were treated to the sheer heaviness of Fear Factory's melodic mix of industrial and old school death metal. The Boston show wasn't topped, (you had to be there) but really, how could it have been?

Lamb Of God appeared next and did a fine job of stirring the already pummeled crowd into a frenzy with their stomping old school Sepultura and Slayer-esque riffs. The floor opened up as the packed house parted ways into a serious pit for most of the set. Lamb Of God seem to be coming into their own live, proving that they are a band to be reckoned with onstage.

Reviewed by: Wolfie