Interview - Fear Factory


Sean and Sam sit down with Raymond Herrera

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Sean Michael Coale: How's the tour been going for you guys so far?
Raymond Herrera: "So far, so good. It's been good we've done 5 shows maybe, it's only been a week. So yea, so far so good. It's a pretty short run."
SMC: Actually, a few days ago I heard about the whole thing that went down at Hellfest. Did you guys actually get to play?
RH: "Yea, we played a full set. I heard a bunch of stuff too, but I actually didn't witness any of it. I heard there was some stuff that went on but I didn't witness any of it, I didn't even about it until I heard about it a couple days later when some friends told me about it. We did our set and everything was cool. It was more of a hardcore crowd but it worked out pretty well."
SMC: Are you guys disappointed not being asked to play Ozzfest this year?
RH: "Not so much disappointed, but we hinted about it and asked about it in January. I know there were couple a of bands that dropped off and there might be a possibility, I know Dimmu at one point was not gonna do it cause of their personal problems and legal stuff or whatever. And then they had another problem was visas and shit. So I thought maybe there might be a possibility there. But we asked about it, I mean we ask about it every year when we can do it. We've done it twice, the one which was the original one before it was actually Ozzfest and then we did two Ozzfests. We've done it a few times and we're not gonna take it personally, cause we've already done it twice. Technically three times, maybe next year."
SMC: You guys doing any soundtracks right now?
RH: "Soundtracks, the only thing we did was that came out recently was that "Man on Fire." That was with Denzel, and we're working on a couple games stuff right now. As far as movie stuff not really too much on the horizon, we're working on a couple new tracks for video games and thru my production company I worked on a DVD soundtrack.. Which actually comes out August 24th. There's a new well not a new but a remix version of Archetype, which was just never released so I'm putting it on the soundtrack."
SMC: Are you guys gonna be doing a whole remix album for Archetype?
RH: "The whole album, well actually we're meeting with the owner of the label on the 11th to talk about either that or maybe some different packaging with Archetype. "
SMC: Ha, who came up with the Golden Ticket idea?
RH: "That was the label. Yeah, that was one of their marketing ideas. "
Sam: With the whole DVD that came with the album, do you guys think you'll be making another one?
RH: "You mean like a full DVD, like a two hour thing."
SMC: Maybe like a live album...?
RH: "That's one of the possibilities, that's one of the things we're thinking about doing. In addition to the album, we'll see. We're not sure what we're gonna do yet. "
Sam: Have you and Christian been doing anything with the Kush project?
RH: "The Kush thing has been put kinda on hold, for the past maybe year/year and a half or so. Stephen has some legal troubles with Maverick and Warner. We've got a crisp deal with Sony/Columbia and of course Maverick and Warner aren't a part of Sony. Well, there might be a bit of legal things to get Stephen cleared to do it. But we've got a lot of songs written, probably already got two albums written worth of music. But obviously we're not gonna put a box set out in the beginning. Well, continue working on that when we can, we can keep writing songs forever but no deal. There's nothing we can take advantage of records and stuff."
SMC: Besides that do you have any other projects you're working?
RH: "Naw, just jammin' with whatever, I got a lot of friends back in LA. September I'm gonna be producing an album for a friends band of mine in LA. But as far as other things go I'm not really, I'm just mostly concentrating on Fear Factory stuff, I got my hands full with the Production company stuff."
SMC: What's the production company called?
RH: "Herrera Productions"
SMC: Nothing too fancy?
RH: "Well I was trying to think of all these names and it became a hassle. I just liked putting my last name and adding production to it. Self explanatory."
SMC: What are you playing these days?
RH: "Xbox. Racing games like Rally Sport, Project Awesome, Halo of course."
Sam: I know Burton has like one political track on the album wondering how you guys feel about it?
RH: "We have a political track, which track..Ha?"
SMC: You guys played it last night, the one where he's going "No more violence in our name. (Human Shields)"
RH: "Oh, that's not really a political track, I guess it could kinda be seen as one but it's more in the prospective of the people who are left. Like you have a family and your son goes out to war. It's almost like in the prospective of the family more than the actual person fighting. So yea, I guess it's kinda a political but it's not really obviously it could be used for any time your child has to go off to fight. But I don't think Burt was meaning directly to what's going on right now. When I first read those lyrics I thought damn those are pretty strong."
SMC: Speaking of songs, with the ones you're writing now are you gonna bring back the more industrial feel to them?
RH: Well, the songs right now are just guitar and drums, so you can't really be industrial till you bring the keyboards in.
SMC: Is that something you just wait for till you're in the studio?
RH: Naw, we might jump right in and for instance with the song we're working on right now. Once we give them to Steve he might do something to them that might make them sound more industrial. 'Cause a lot of the industrial element is the electronic element and when you're just listening to say a Nine Inch Nails track and just hear the guitar it's gonna be just a metal album. So right now it's just guitar and drums, there's no vocals. Christian hasn't written bass lines yet, it's just guitar drums that's it. Really stripped down kinda melodic sounding, there's some really sick stuff on there that I started writing. I don't even know if I can play yet. I mean a lot of the same stuff on Archetype, a lot of stuff I wrote on the drum machine I couldn't even play yet. Still kinda going back to a lot of that, like I got my drum machine right here and I write really difficult stuff not for the sake of being difficult just really good patterns. So try to write on that for a blue print, you know Christian writes on his 'lil Marshal amp and his Mac and kinda collaborate that way. And you know come up with all these parts but like I said we only have like 3 songs, but we got like 50 different beats or like 50 riffs. But they're not real songs until....You know that's the one thing I like more about Christian, our old guitar player was that.....well Christian is willing to write on the road and well our old guitar player wanted to wait till we got home. And look at it this way we're already 3 songs into the next record, whereas before we wouldn't have even been into that.
SMC: What are the 5 album you have to have on the road with you?
1. Slayer "Raining Blood"
2. Terrorizer "World Down Fall"
3. Metallica "Master of Puppets"
4. Police "Synchronicity"
5. U2 "Joshua Tree"