In Flames
Shadow's Fall

11/24/00 The Paladium - Worcester, MA

Live Review

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The last time In Flames played here, there was no barricade, I guess they learned their lesson because they had one here tonight..not that it did much good!
Shadow's Fall was up first...there was another band before them, but I missed 'um...Burn It Down or something like well. I'd seen Shadow's Fall about 10 times already...(possibly more with them being a local band and opening for just about everyone around these parts for years now) but tonight they are a bit different, they seemed to have everything down better...maybe touring around the states and Canada gave 'um a bit more of an edge...Anyhow, they were tight and played a pretty killer set. Somehow these guys can make sitting through a 8-9 minute song live seem exciting...

Nevermore was up next, and this is when things got nutty. I didn't know what to expect from these guys having only heard their latest album and never having seen them live before...I wasn't disapointed to say the least, these guys are heavier live then any home stereo system would have you think...that and they encited having 1/4 of the crowd up on stage in the middle of their set, coming over the barricade like a waterfall, out numbering the 3-4 poor hapless security guys up front, singing into the mic, and diving off in various locations. (no, this wasn't a hardcore show, but a METAL show..heh).

As if Nevermore wasn't cool enough, In Flames came on next, blasting through the building with pure European metal leaking from every pore. Again the band was without Peter Iwers, (who is on temporary leave) and had Dick Lowgren from Amrageddon filling in bass duties. They played several oldies this time around, concentrating less on "Clayman" and letting some of their previous material rear it's ugly head. As much as security tried, half of the crowd ended up onstage with In Flames by the last song...but what could they do? the band wanted the crowd there! Did I mention the amazing guitar work throughout the night? Daaamn.