From Autumn To Ashes

Interview - Francis Mark


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Sean Michael Coale: You just finished up a tour with Everytime I Die and Cave In. You're doing the Vagrant Tour, and then you got one already lined up with Nora and Avenged Sevenfold. What are the details of that?
Francis Mark: "Ya, we got a short 'lil run before Christmas. It's about 5 shows with Nora, Avenged Sevenfold and one of our friends from Long Island. Then we go home for the holidays, take a 'lil time off."
SMC: Are you planning for next year as far as touring?
FM: "Ya, we got a month in Europe and the U.K. with Funeral for a Friend, and Poison the Well."
SMC: Any soundtracks or a DVD being planned out?
FM: "I know they are filming alot on this tour, for a Vagrant DVD. Other than that you might be able to see us on Dragging the Lake, the Atticus video magazine. No soundtracks in the works though."
SMC: Any videos being put together?
FM: "Ya, we're talking about a live video 'The After Dinner Payback'. Just like really low budget, showing crazy live footage"

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