God Forbid

Interview - Corey and Fred (with occasional ad lib from Lamb Of God's Randy)


Dan gets a few words with these promising metal upstarts...

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Dan: What tour have you guys been on?
Corey: "This tour is V.O.D., and Primer 55, it's supposed to be a bit longer, like 3 weeks, but things happen and now it's only a week and then uh..we're home for a couple of days and then we're goin' out with Poison The Well, Martr A.D., Unearthed... Then after that we're going on the Metallenium Tour with Lamb Of God..."
(Randy from Lamb Of God) "Oh yeeeah, you're going on tour with us idiots aren't you? Yeaaah, you're stupid enough to go on tour with us aren't you?"
(things get slightly confusing from here on...)
Corey: "5 weeks of absolute havoc...drunken mayhem"
Randy: "And hopefully, we will be sharing a bus with God Forbid, which will lead to murder and mayhem"
Corey: "This is when the shit hits the fan"
Randy: "I'd like to make a little commentary on the God Forbid album..."
Dan: Your name is? also I forgot...
Randy: "My name is Randy, I am a singer, I'm in Lamb Of God...I'd like to say that God Forbid is the perfect music that goes to my divorce..."
Corey: "And light sparklers to"
Randy: "Yes, I love it, I sit around thinking about my ex-wife, and I listen to God Forbid and it makes me feel much better."
Corey: "Alright, I feel good abou that, I thought it was gonna be some bad shit, like, I listen to this and now I feel like killing her"
Sam: Dan, you forgot a very important question... you forgot to ask 'how intoxicated are you right now?'
Corey: "Daaamn"
Dan: Well, I should ask you after the Captin's and coke but I won't go there.
(editor's note: It was Bacardi and coke damnit)
Dan: How intoxicated are you?
Corey: "Me? I'm not very intoxicated, I only had...I donno, 7 or 8 beers, so I'm...
Dan: How intoxicated is he? (points to Randy)
Corey: "I donno, he could be very...I've never seen him that drunk so...I don't have a gauge yet I'm sure in a few weeks from now we'll figure that out real quick"